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First Dental Training Institute Pvt. Ltd. offers the most comprehensive section of dental care training courses in India. At FDTI, we provide the best training to get you started in your dental career and to help you acquire new skills to build expertise in dentistry. We have the best trainers with decades of real world experience to pass on their skills and knowledge ensuring that learners meet the standards and regulations by the dental industry. FDTI has well equipped classrooms housed in a 10,000sq.ft building, situated in a green and serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a distance of 12kms.

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First Dental Training Institute


First Dental
Dental Training

  • Transforming current standards of Indian dental practice

  • Promoting & providing dental vocational courses in India at reasonable fees

  • Providing employment opportunities through training & development

  • Creating a trained & certified dental auxiliary workforce providing it worldwide

  • Offering quality dental services to all the patients

First Dental Training Institute

Our USP is to take Indian dental practice from “2 - handed dentistry” to “4 - handed dentistry”
First Dental Training Institute

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First Dental Training Institute UK Certificate

Our focus is always on our learners. We are committed to high-quality teaching and effective student support to ensure that everyone has the best opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience they need to achieve their future goals and to truly be “skill set for life”
As a large regional college, our size enables us to be stronger and better able to tackle the social and economic challenges facing the region and contribute to the broadening of the country’s skills base, with the College becoming a powerhouse for economic development across our region of Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire.
Dedicated to continuous improvement, the College has made investments in the latest technology and facilities across its campuses to ensure that students have the highest calibre of resources.

The Universitat Jaume I (UJI) has positioned itself as a friendly university characterised by its personal attention, smooth-running management procedures and the high levels of participation of its members in university life, due, among other things, to its convenient size, with about 15,000 students, and its integrated, modern, functional and sustainable campus.
The close relationship among lecturers and students at the Universitat Jaume I enables lecturers to reach a level of educational excellence that guarantees a clearly defined educational model based on lifelong learning, integral education and active participation in social progress based on the foundations of peaceful, equitable, supportive relationships and respect for the environment.

We also provide Premium Dental Treatment Services